Financial Managers and Institutional Investors


Alpha Link Capital allows financial managers, investment advisors, family offices, hedge funds and institutional investors to enjoy the benefits of intelligent exposure to Managed futures asset class.


CTA Selection

We select appropriate CTAs teams for each portfolio based on a complex, thorough process:


  1. Preliminary screening – – The CTA authorized to register to the database undergoes a preliminary check for recommendations, an interview with the trading managers, a review of corporate documentation, operational background checks and more.
  2. Due diligence – In this process, which is held over four months, CTA teams are carefully examined regarding various aspects of their activity, from a personal level, through the operational platform to an in-depth review of their trading strategy . The process combines a quantitative and qualitative approach to the trading results, risk management, strategy, markets traded and the integration of the CTA in the general portfolio. Our smart optimizing tools allow for analysis of the CTA’s portfolio results in relation to the general portfolio.
  3. Ongoing check – The activities of all teams and trading results are processed using risk management tools in accordance with relevant strategies and markets.

Alpha Link’s accumulated knowledge and advanced tools allow us to perform due diligence according to the customer’s (portfolio manager’s) individual needs, while handling difficulties and risks relevant to the management of the selected alternative investment.


Types of Managed Accounts

The managed account is specifically tailored to customer requirements. Our flexibility in creating the appropriate structure for each customer provides institutional customers, CFOs or hedge fund managers with a high level of convenience and full customization to the relevant limitations regarding their compliance and management systems.


Separately Managed Account

A structure that enjoys full transparency, complete control of the account, and a low initial investment. The managed accounts enable using one or more teams operating a variety of trading products and strategies, thus reducing the standard deviation of the portfolio and ensuring optimal diversification.

Commodity Pool Operators

Managing trading teams in a closed-end fund structure allows each customer to enjoy a product tailored to specific needs in the framework of the operational and legal structure of the fund. This structure is generally suitable for large customers or financial institutions who wish to benefit from a closed-end fund structure along with transparency and flexibility.



After implementation of the optimal structure for the account, we build the best possible combination of various CTAs, a process that requires experience and familiarity with strategies and appropriate risk management tools.

Alpha Links Capital works with leading financial institutions in the United States. Institutional accounts are managed in banks such as JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).



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