Private Investors

Alpha Link Capital offers its customers an opportunity for the right kind of exposure to the area of Managed Futures, based on extensive experience and a thorough understanding of the field.

We build long-term relationships with each client, ensuring a high-level customer experience, with rapid and reliable service. Integrity and professionalism are leading values for us, and constitute the basis for our success. Alpha Link’s management team has been active for over a decade in Futures trading, which was characterized by volatile market condition and extreme fundamental changes.

Our objective is to provide a competitive edge to the customer through advanced tools for analysis and risk management, access to top-level managers, and in-depth knowledge in trading methods and risk analysis in ever-changing market conditions.

Benefits of Managed Futures for Private Clientele

  1. Integrating Managed Futures in a bond and equity portfolio can improve the overall performance of the investment.
  2. Managed futures have high potential for generating returns in varied financial scenarios, through both short and long term investments.
  3. The managed futures asset class is characterized by a high level of liquidity.
  4. The account is fully controlled by the customer, with the advantage of full and ongoing transparency.

Alpha Link Products and Services for Private Clientele

  1. Availability of a wide range of managers operating in different markets, ranging from commodities, metals , interest rates, currencies and equity indices to bonds futures. As a result, the comprehensive database provides performance data, reviews, regulatory documents and more.
  2. Technological tools and extensive experience in the optimizing process of the managed portfolios, enabling a balanced portfolio in terms of risk/return parameters, strategies, markets , volatility and investment timeframes.
  3. Extensive checks for relevant teams by Alpha Link and its partners in Chicago.


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