Developing Traders and ALGO Trading Teams

Alpha Link Capital has been active in the futures trading field for over a decade which was characterized by exceptional economic volatility. Over recent years, the area of futures trading has undergone extreme changes: Although technology has expanded access to markets and information, new issues have risen for traders and algorithm developers, from obstacles in trading and pursuing a professional career in the field, thorough the capital needed for trading, the requirement for professional systems, proper risk management, regulatory requirements and the need for orientation in the abundance of markets and information available.

Trading in the financial market is a complex profession, and building long-term success is a challenging and often frustrating task. Alpha Link guides its trading teams in maintaining a high level of professionalism, yielding winning results. We believe in exercising professionalism, integrity and transparency in each and every project.

We provide a suitable environment for active traders and development teams looking to expand and upgrade their activity. The business development processes we provide are based on in-depth experience and extensive business liaisons. We accompany teams at various levels and with different requirements throughout all aspects – trading floors, financing, regulation, marketing, legal, strategy, operational consulting, technology, strategic planning, capital raising and more.

After working with hundreds of traders over recent years, we are aware of the issues and obstacles on the way to success. We believe the path to successful trading requires total commitment to a demanding and prosperous career.

Traders, development teams or companies operating in the futures trading field are welcome to contact one of our experts for professional guidance on managed futures and futures trading at

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