Company Profile

Alpha Link Capital is a unique financial services firm, specializing in the research, establishment and analysis of alternative investments, and focusing on Managed Futures, as well as on business development for traders (systematic & discretionary) and trader teams in the area of futures trading.

The company’s roots originate in futures trading (proprietary trading) and in the development of advanced technological tools and algorithms for futures trading.

Our management team includes traders, senior managers and active algorithm developers, who are owners of prominent companies in the field of futures trading. Our team has an extensive knowledgebase, accumulated over years of accompanying hundreds of traders throughout a multitude of trading stages and rapid changes in the financial markets.


Our founders bring a decade of active experience in finance, and a focus on the futures asset class, from development of trading strategies and tools through extensive business liaisons in global markets, including Chicago, London and Hong Kong, and an in-depth market understanding. Throughout the years, Alpha Link’s team developed automatic trading tools, risk management systems and advanced trading strategies.


We believe in focusing on the field of Managed Futures to create added value and a competitive advantage in the markets, with an emphasis on personal relations and long-term business liaisons.


The markets continuously challenge financial experts, requiring them to utilize a variety of different strategies and assets. Accordingly, our goal is to build foundations, tools and the right teams to maximize returns over time in changing market conditions.

Alpha Link focuses on Managed Futures, an alternative asset under which over $350 billion are managed globally, using various strategies in different markets (commodities, metals, currencies, energy, equity indices, bonds, etc.). Assets are managed by a CTA team, operating under US CFTC regulation. This asset allows financial managers to access an alternative investment channel, offering full transparency, a high level of liquidity and the benefit of an investment that is uncorrelated to the stock and bond markets.

Alpha Link provides comprehensive customer service, including research, data collection and processing, due diligence tools and risk management for investments in the area of Managed Futures.


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    Ideas are investments , which bring income only in the hands of talent

    Antoine de Rivarol

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